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About Charlie

Charlie is our resident working “in-training” therapy dog.  While Charlie is still a pup, the plan is for him to be trained as a therapy dog so that he can assist David Paul in a new form of mediation called Canine-Assisted Mediation (CAM).

David Paul wrote his Masters’ thesis on the history of canine human interactions and the effective use of dogs to reduce stress and anxiety Mr. Paul’s  article was published in April of 2018 in  the Harvard Negotiation Law Review which is published globally and considered the gold standard for legal publications and is dedicated to the advancement of Alternate Dispute Resolution research and methods. Mr. Paul’s work explores a new area of family law mediation by employing the use of therapy dogs.   His hypothesis is grounded in the widespread use of therapy dogs to assist individuals in other stressful situations, something that has been successfully used world-wide. Mr. Paul’s thesis can be found at www.hnlr.org. Given the significant potential of CAM in mediations, Mr. Paul’s thesis has received widespread news coverage including national coverage by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (see news CBA News Story found at:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/dogs-mediation-study-1.4606601 )